Sunday, March 29, 2009

Andrew's thoughts

One of my earliest memories of Crystal was while we were all visiting down in Texas and were shopping in a Bed, Bath & Beyond. Chris & Michelle had checked out and we were ready to leave, but we didn’t have Crystal with us. I found her sharing the Good News with a lady in the store. I thought, who is this faithful servant of the Lord? It was not that Crystal was a strong woman of the Lord, but that she was, as am I, weak, pitiful, sinful, transformed by the strength of God, changed forever by His grace, mercy and tender love, now letting her life be used for God’s glory!

From the beginning, my prayer was that I may be the best friend possible to Crystal, encouraging her to keep her eyes on the Lord & letting her light shine so that others may see it and praise God. I prayed that God would take away any other feelings unless it was His time and His will.

The second summer we all got together, I got to see Crystal’s tremendous, tender heart for babies, when we met Jacob, Chris and Michelle’s first son. This made me think that Crystal would be an incredible mother; I love children and would love a family one day, but my prayer remained the same.

That prayer was given a new answer the third summer we all got together in Florida. God’s Spirit laid it on my heart to ask Crystal and her parents for their thoughts about pursuing a deeper relationship. From there, God shared that I could lower the guard from my heart and let Crystal & her powerful love in! He has been writing a passionate, exciting, adventurous love story, and I am thrilled that I get to go on this journey with Crystal.

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