Friday, March 27, 2009

Once Upon A Time...

That may be how many love stories start, but those are fairy tales. I want to share with you a love story that far surpasses any fairy tale!! This particular story is about True Love!!
My dear friend, Michelle, would sometimes tell me about her husband’s friend, Andy. She said we both had things in common, were active in evangelism, etc. And hoped that someday we could meet. I thought if she tried any matchmaking, like asking if she could give him my phone # or email, I would just say no. At the time Andy lived in Colorado; and I in Florida. Michelle and her husband, Chris, lived in Texas.

Chris & Michelle helped fly me out to visit with the Delta credit they had. Chris wanted Andy to visit during that time so he could have a friend there too. That was August '06 when we first met. Andy & Chris kept us ladies laughing the whole week! Fun and funny memories!! But because I was so opposed to any matchmaking attempts, I didn’t go out of my way to get to know him. We started to get to know each other better through email a few months later. In August '07 we met again in Texas after which we began a Bible study over the phone. We know the Lord had His hand in orchestrating the timing in all this because it was the only week that was the best for us both - two years in a row! In August '08 the Wrights & Andrew visited my family & me in Florida.

At this point we discussed pursuing a deeper relationship. After he talked to my parents we began courting! Needless to say, cupids Michelle & Chris, were thrilled.

I thank the Lord for using them in our lives

Thanks to a generous gift by the Wrights, Andy was able to visit again in October and meet the rest of my family: Gills and my brother, Andrew.

this was taken after my friend, Jamie's wedding.

Andy currently lives in

where he is an art teacher at a Christian school. We are continuing a weekly Bible study over the phone. He is a strong man of God. He has a heart for youth, is great with kids, believes in active evangelism and is a blessing in my life in so many ways!!!

He proposed on New Years Day!! What a way to start the New Year ♥More to come about that…

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Melissa said...

Congratulations you two! So glad that you have each other!