Sunday, January 20, 2008

JuicePlus seminar

Dr Carol Watson, RN, ND

We were honored to have Dr Carol Watson, RN, ND, a noted speaker on nutrition and JP+ come for several seminars that I hosted at Labor of Love.

She spoke about the importance of reading labels. For example, some yogurts have more sugar than a candy bar. Sometimes “juice” has more sugar than pop/soda. Notice the above photo and see the packs of sugar in each bottle…the bottle on the right side is marketed as “juice”; yet, if you look at the ingredients no fruit or fruit juice can be found on the label!! I challenge you to start reading labels; it’s quite an education!! Better yet, train your kids to read labels too. Imagine - a few minutes of your time may save them from a future of disease.

Dr Watson showed us a fast food hamburger & fries… YEARS old yet they had not decomposed!!! In other words if bacteria won’t eat them, why should we??????

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