Sunday, April 03, 2011

3rd week & Baby shower

Day 16 8#4oz

here she is in the scale

Like father like daughter

What a special blessing Melissa & Elijah flew in for the shower!! Elijah really enjoyed spending time with her. He was so gentle & had a long attention span for holding her.

On our way to the baby shower he melted Andrew & my heart when he sweetly asked "Can I hold her hand?" Needless to say they held hands most of the way there.

Baby Prayer Shower

Sue Owens made the cute, delicious cupcakes

3 generations

4 generations and Aunt Melissa

Beautiful Aunt Melissa with her neice

Aunt Melissa & Sherri's masterpiece. An adorable diaper cake that was too cute to undo! I still use it for decoration. I couldn't stand the thought of taking apart something they spent hours working on!

Thank you all so much for such a shower of blessings, for your prayers & words of encouragement. I couldn't begin to name everyone involved because it was such a team effort. We felt so spoiled, so loved! I'm so thankful for brothers & sisters in the Lord to share life with. We look forward to spending eternity together!

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