Friday, February 13, 2009

Grammy, I Celebrate You!

I gave Grammy a book with poems & sayings; in between you add personal touches. I wrote it out but also wanted to share it here. It's called

'I Celebrate You, Grandmother!'

My sweet memories of special times with you:

watching you stand on your head

reading to us

tucking us into bed

telling us true stories

traveling with you

going out to eat

reunion in Canada

summer spent with you in FL

watching that comedy movie (forget name?)

This is how you've strengthened my faith:

Seeing how you handle life & all you've been through...with praise & giving God the glory is so encouraging to me! I've told so many people about the qualities I admire in you & realize: have I ever told you? Even if I have, I haven't said it enough!!!

I celebrate you kindness:

the generous gifts you give

you give of your time

you go above & beyond, never thinking of yourself. Other are your priority

Sharing Christ with words and actions

Being heavenly minded = conscious of eternity

I celebrate your goodness

the fruits of the spirit evident in your life

your prayer & praise life

your servant heart

you minister tirelessly day in & day out, giving 110%

This is my prayer for you Grandmother:

I pray for continued strength & health. That you will know that Christ is truly the sum of all spiritual things. In other words we don't need to ask for goodness or power or anything since through the Holy Spirit Christ IS everything for us. I have & will continue to pray for you & Grandpa.

I love you very much!


Brittany Ann said...

That was beautiful, Crystal! Thanks for sharing that with all of us!

Mrs. Rabe said...

That is precious Crystal - you have given her such a special gift!