Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Sister, My Friend


Dear Lord, I thank you for Melissa. For her care & concern for children and animals. For her heart for the spiritually lost. She has such a merciful heart. I am grateful for the memories we've made... sharing a lot of laughter. I'm grateful we have a strong bond. That she is my sister. That she is my friend. What a blessing she is in my life! Thank you for allowing us to be more than biological sister! We are sister in you, Lord, which means we will spend eternity together! I praise you for this fact!! Because it makes me joyful and blesses my heart more than I can say!!

Melissa, I like how we laugh so much when we are together. How we say things at the same time How we are telepathic =) I will miss you a great deal Will continue to pray as the Lord leads you and your family.

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Elijah's Mommy said...

Thank you Crystal! I'm so glad we were able to celebrate my birthday with you there!